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How You Can Contact GSA For Excess Goods And Merchandise

There is some info I just came across recently that shows that while changes are being made to the DRMO website and we will all have to create a new account for access, that we can use this other site to find what we need. Government anything is always in a state of flux, they change websites, change links and we have to try and keep up.

Sarah Woods is the contact person at GSA Xcess ®, (their trademarked name is their own and not mine), I use this as reference only. Contact info below direct from their website.

Woods, Sara Property Disposal Specialist (Utilization)
ARLINGTON VA 22202-3713 Phone: (703) 605-2975
Fax:(703) 605-9833

In order for you to find what you are looking for with excess government property, you may visit them direct and look around for any item descriptions or inventory.



You may also visit the next link to go direct to GSA Auctions and have a look. You may browse by category for any number of goods that are made available.

I also have another link to a  direct website dealing with government surplus. You may also utilize the the search function and look for specific items by category. I will also include the general contact information for this government surplus website.

The following information is direct from their website as published and updated in 2012. There are photos of some of the equipment on the site. But nothing would beat an on site inspection if you can prearrange this before bidding or purchase. On one of the pages their was allowed an onsite inspection, but you must call and make an appointment with the site custodian prior to showing up.

On inspection of some of the items for sale, I did notice on this site that you must read all the info given, some of these auction items like boat motors etc. may not allow for pre sale inspections. They will describe the item and it’s condition. Please read all the way to the bottom of each auction listing for conditions that may apply before bidding.

They also do have reserves on some of the auction items. You will have to read each listing to see what fits for your own budget. is the Federal Asset Sales portal for the Federal Government
Click here for more information Federal Asset Sales
U.S. General Services Administration
2200 Crystal Dr., Ste 706, Arlington, VA 22202

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