DRMO Auction Fort Lewis Washington

DRMO Auction Ft. Lewis Wa. Contact Info


I recently was at Fort Lewis and was able to get the actual info for their DRMO auction location for all of you. This will save a lot of time and hassle trying to wade through all the government website information and weed out the good working info from any that may be outdated. I will include the site manager name as well.

Government Liquidations


Location is building 9870, bay 7

Telephone: 253-966-6372

Lonny Jenkerson

Site Manager

I also will include the government DRMO auction website address for you here so you don’t have to search for it.

Government Auction Website Address

I do hope this update will help you find the auction location you are looking for. The site at Fort Lewis is very active. I saw a lot of goods for sale there of all types.

Some of what I saw, but could not take pictures of due to it being a military base is as follows but not all inclusive.


2 1/2 and 5 ton trucks


Diesel engines in the crates


Tow trucks

Ammo boxes by the pallet, they looked to be .50 cal or about that size

Older cars in various states of repair

Water buffalo trailers

Utility trailers

Humvees, or what they call utility trucks

Tanker trailers

Tires and rim assemblies for various vehicles, a lot of Humvee tires are there

Air conditioning units of various types


They also will have many boxes of scrap metal lying around, I saw huge wooden boxes with scrap aluminum in it and more. There is a lot of stuff at this location, it may be best to use the info given and see what kind of list they can fax you or send you. I would get ahold of the site managers office and see what amount of information they can assist you with so you can get the list and look for your desired items.

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