Car Auctions Near Me

Government Auction Liquidation

The US Government auction liquidation also needs to sell its own vehicles after a certain time due to their policies and overall financial considerations. These vehicles have been written down in the books and offered to the public. The US Government may list seized car and vehicle auctions on their website, but many times the contact info becomes out of date. Phone numbers change and people get transferred to other positions. Many time as well the phone numbers listed will be for a specific person in this department and that can change if they move or retire.

There are a lot of auctions nationwide, but knowing the time, date, and place can be hard. There are auction guides that will help you find the one closest to you.

Bank Car Auctions Near Me

Banks repo cars and other vehicles every week. This is your chance to take advantage of the larger savings from buying new. Used cars like these that come up for auction can be in all kinds of conditions. It is up to you to inspect the vehicle before buying to make sure you don’t get burned. A good guide will tell you that and I have as well.


Customs Service Auctions

The US Customs service has auctions held throughout the country that has items seized from various agencies. Cars and much more that have been seized by the IRS,DEA,US Secret Service,BATF can be found at these auction places.

The phone number for EG and G Dynatrend is 1-703-274-7373. These are the folks who have a hotline setup for auctions involving all the agencies we mentioned here.


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