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Car Auctions Near Me

Government Auction Liquidation

The US Government auction liquidation also needs to sell its own vehicles after a certain time due to their policies and overall financial considerations. These vehicles have been written down in the books and offered to the public. The US Government may list seized car and vehicle auctions on their website, but many times the contact info becomes out of date. Phone numbers change and people get transferred to other positions. Many time as well the phone numbers listed will be for a specific person in this department and that can change if they move or retire.

There are a lot of auctions nationwide, but knowing the time, date, and place can be hard. There are auction guides that will help you find the one closest to you.

Bank Car Auctions Near Me

Banks repo cars and other vehicles every week. This is your chance to take advantage of the larger savings from buying new. Used cars like these that come up for auction can be in all kinds of conditions. It is up to you to inspect the vehicle before buying to make sure you don’t get burned. A good guide will tell you that and I have as well.


Customs Service Auctions

The US Customs service has auctions held throughout the country that has items seized from various agencies. Cars and much more that have been seized by the IRS,DEA,US Secret Service,BATF can be found at these auction places.

The phone number for EG and G Dynatrend is 1-703-274-7373. These are the folks who have a hotline setup for auctions involving all the agencies we mentioned here.


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GSA Xcess Information – How To Contact GSA

How You Can Contact GSA For Excess Goods And Merchandise

There is some info I just came across recently that shows that while changes are being made to the DRMO website and we will all have to create a new account for access, that we can use this other site to find what we need. Government anything is always in a state of flux, they change websites, change links and we have to try and keep up.

Sarah Woods is the contact person at GSA Xcess ®, (their trademarked name is their own and not mine), I use this as reference only. Contact info below direct from their website.

Woods, Sara Property Disposal Specialist (Utilization)
ARLINGTON VA 22202-3713 Phone: (703) 605-2975
Fax:(703) 605-9833
Email: sara.woods@gsa.gov

In order for you to find what you are looking for with excess government property, you may visit them direct and look around for any item descriptions or inventory.



You may also visit the next link to go direct to GSA Auctions and have a look. You may browse by category for any number of goods that are made available.

I also have another link to a  direct website dealing with government surplus. You may also utilize the the search function and look for specific items by category. I will also include the general contact information for this government surplus website.

The following information is direct from their website as published and updated in 2012. There are photos of some of the equipment on the site. But nothing would beat an on site inspection if you can prearrange this before bidding or purchase. On one of the pages their was allowed an onsite inspection, but you must call and make an appointment with the site custodian prior to showing up.

On inspection of some of the items for sale, I did notice on this site that you must read all the info given, some of these auction items like boat motors etc. may not allow for pre sale inspections. They will describe the item and it’s condition. Please read all the way to the bottom of each auction listing for conditions that may apply before bidding.

They also do have reserves on some of the auction items. You will have to read each listing to see what fits for your own budget.

GovSales.gov is the Federal Asset Sales portal for the Federal Government
Click here for more information Federal Asset Sales
U.S. General Services Administration
2200 Crystal Dr., Ste 706, Arlington, VA 22202

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DRMO Auction Fort Lewis Washington

DRMO Auction Ft. Lewis Wa. Contact Info


I recently was at Fort Lewis and was able to get the actual info for their DRMO auction location for all of you. This will save a lot of time and hassle trying to wade through all the government website information and weed out the good working info from any that may be outdated. I will include the site manager name as well.

Government Liquidations


Location is building 9870, bay 7

Telephone: 253-966-6372

Lonny Jenkerson

Site Manager

I also will include the government DRMO auction website address for you here so you don’t have to search for it.

Government Auction Website Address

I do hope this update will help you find the auction location you are looking for. The site at Fort Lewis is very active. I saw a lot of goods for sale there of all types.

Some of what I saw, but could not take pictures of due to it being a military base is as follows but not all inclusive.


2 1/2 and 5 ton trucks


Diesel engines in the crates


Tow trucks

Ammo boxes by the pallet, they looked to be .50 cal or about that size

Older cars in various states of repair

Water buffalo trailers

Utility trailers

Humvees, or what they call utility trucks

Tanker trailers

Tires and rim assemblies for various vehicles, a lot of Humvee tires are there

Air conditioning units of various types


They also will have many boxes of scrap metal lying around, I saw huge wooden boxes with scrap aluminum in it and more. There is a lot of stuff at this location, it may be best to use the info given and see what kind of list they can fax you or send you. I would get ahold of the site managers office and see what amount of information they can assist you with so you can get the list and look for your desired items.

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Seized Boats-some items to consider

It is not uncommon to see boats being deserted in dilapidated conditions or captured because of unlawful activities of owners. The cost of any accident-related damage is paid usually by the insurance to the owner and they are in a dilemma about what to do with the damaged vessel. Then it is an uphill task to sell it because it is damaged. Nearly everyone would find the prospect of buying a damaged boat somewhat leery.

Normally buyers associated with the catering profession and similar business enterprises attend sales and get wonderful deals with boats which are in not a very dilapidated state. They normally restore the boat, put on a fresh coat of paint and now the boat can fetch a good price. On most occasions, public are extended invitation in the salvage boat sales where they make their own purchases. If you can spare some time and money, you need to make some repairs and ultimately this saves you a few thousand dollars. Media is used to advertise about salvage boat sales for the benefit of the public. Be sure to research the models and vessels and have an idea of the values and types of repair that must be completed. This would lead you to do the same work as any renovation business and have plenty of people as your future customers. Sales of craft are ideal for people who love the sea and wish for a boat, but they cannot afford the costs involved. These boats would not be very costly and thus one can afford to do all the repair work needed to put it back in original shape.

You could even buy a boat or a luxury vessel if you go to salvage boat sales. Luxury boats are often confiscated when they have been engaged in wrongful activities. These boats are then put up at auctions where it is sold to the person who bids highest and this can always be you. In most cases these vessels would have cost the first owner thousands of dollars, but are being sold at a fraction of that price for various reasons. Because the boats are not in that kind of dilapidated condition that a host of repairs have to be carried out, this is surely a very lucrative deal.

When buying a boat, ensure that you are negotiating with a dependable agent. Some fraudulent people may try to pass on a damaged boat by making it look like new with new paint etc and then claim that the boat was used only for a short time. What is worse is when some fraudulent characters push you into buying a stolen boat after doing some repainting, which also gives the boat a new identity.


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DRMO Auctions

Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service or DRMO for short, is our defense dept. or DOD way to sell off large lots of items. Items may include clothing, recyclable material such as paper, rubber, textiles, etc. Items are sold in lots of 10 or more and this is where the Army Navy Surplus stores get their bulk clothing for resale. I have included a link direct to their website so you can see for yourself here. Good luck and do your research, you will find ways to save money and maybe sell goods through your new store or other means.

I do not run auctions from my website here, only give as much info as I can to help you find where you can go to look for auction dates etc.

There are various government entities that have periodic auctions. Finding that info to be true and correct and up to date is what I hope to help you find.

Check the link up top of the page in my article and you should be on the right road to getting auction info.


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